FaB National Business Award

FAB will be awarding meritorious entrepreneurs and small businesses across India in association with the National Business Award. FAB National Business Award 2021 is an outstanding event to appreciate and celebrate the success of businesses in India. These awards will be held in December 2021 at Bangalore. All individuals and businesses in India – public and private, large and small – may submit nominations to FAB National Business Award.

Small businesses are the backbone of the Indian economy. However, The COVID-19 created impediments in the progress of SMEs. Nevertheless, it also left positive effects. The India SMEs became more resilient by adapting innovation, digitization, and new market strategies. So, these awards are to acknowledge the innovation of Indian entrepreneurs who are the building blocks of Indian economy.

These awards provide ample opportunities for business owners. For instance, these awards provide an opportunity to build a network with other entrepreneurs, and to meet business leaders at the national level. Also, it allows entrepreneurs to discuss their business struggles and share their success stories. In this way, the hard work of leading SMEs will be recognized by their fellow businessmen, and their business achievements will be assessed by proficient Juries. Thus, this event has a learning value where business owners can learn how to overcome challenges in their businesses . In brief, these awards confirm and demonstrate the diligence that small businesses put into their success.Likewise, the FAB National Business Awards enhance the credibility of business among investors and customers. Indeed, the FAB National Business award consolidates the reputation of the awarded entrepreneur in the business community because they help them to attract more clients and employees through marketing. Therefore, these awards are instrumental for competing in the marketplace as well.

FAB National Business Award aims to recognize and reward the deserving companies from different categories across India’s business landscape. FAB National Business Award has more than 20 jury members.  With their experience and passion to their businesses, their expertise is crucial in remaining impartial when adjudicating each submission. The National Business Award Jury is composed of highly respected senior-level executives, business professionals, and acclaimed entrepreneurs from all over the world”   National Business Award website  will be launched by June 1st.  The Nominations will be accepted at www.nationalbusinessaward.com.